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Best guillotine cigar cutters

There are basic ways for cutting cigar ends before smoking. Guillotine cutter is one of the ways to cut a cigar end, and it is a very commonly used method. It is also called the Straight cut.

How do guillotine cigar cutters work?

The best guillotine cigar cutters determine the way you cut a cigar which is very important, as this defines whether your smoke is well or not. There is a fine line at the head of the cigar, this is what’s keeping the cigar together, if you cut below the line, this can cause the whole cigar wrapper to unravel or fall apart. Using guillotine, you can remove the top part of the cigar cap, without losing your cigar.

The Guillotine cut is also called the Straight cut, where it uses a quick cut to both ends of the cigar. Put the top of the cigar inside the opening of the guillotine cutter, and press with your fingers to cut the cap, getting ready to smoke the cigar.

What are the best guillotine cigar cutters?

Generally, guillotine cigar cutters are devices used to cut a cigar end, so that it can be smoked in a proper way. Guillotine cutters remove the cigar ends or caps, so a smoker can enjoy the sweetness and flavors of those cigars.

There are other methods for cutting a cigar such as the punch cut and v-cut. However, some smokers use their teeth to cut a cigar, especially if they like to chew some tobacco before smoking it.

Types of best guillotine cigar cutters

Some of the best guillotine cigar cutters are:

Scissors: That was one of the oldest methods as a cutter. They were big and heavy, as made up of metal. Later designs were smaller and have lighter weights. However, you should practice a little so as not to make a deep cut.

Single blade guillotine: Single blades are also easily used and have lightweight, to be held in your pockets. Although they are inexpensive but don’t have very sharp blades.

Double blade guillotine: Guillotines with double blades are used to evenly distribute the force while cutting the cigar ends, resulting in clean cuts. These are of better quality.

Basically, those best cigar cutters never ruin your cigar, they keep the cigar quality for smokers to enjoy the flavor of the smoke.

Benefits of guillotine cigar cutters

The best guillotine cigar cutters cut the cigar caps without causing any damage to the cigar itself. This involves using sharp blades, not blunt ones.

Guillotines are practical and less expensive than other cutters. Also, they can be safely put in your pockets. This method is preferred because the whole cap is uncovered, letting more smoke to exit.