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How to quit smoking cigars?

If you are a tobacco smoker, and you are wandering how to quit, you are not alone. Many people need support getting rid of the addiction. So, let’s get to the point: how to quit smoking cigars?

Something to chew on

One thing you can do is give your mouth something else to do. If you are worried about your health, don’t snack on processed products. Instead, nibble on some carrots, nuts, or anything crunchy. A good tobacco replacement is a chewing gum. How can this help you? How to quit smoking cigars? By having something to chew on, you are directing your attention elsewhere. Cravings will mostly pass after initial ten minutes, and this little distraction may be just the thing you need.


NRT is a nicotine replacement therapy that can help you dealing with quitting tobacco. So, once again, we pose a question: how to quit smoking cigars?

First thing you can do is buy nicotine gums. While you are at it, buy nicotine patches, too. Visit your doctor. The doctor may prescribe medication that can help you on your road to addiction free life. Most medication used to treat nicotine addiction will minimize withdrawal symptoms, and some will even block the brain receptors, making it difficult for nicotine to stimulate your brain.

To fit in or to be fit?

Most people start smoking because of peer pressure. In time, it becomes a habit. So, how to quit smoking cigars?

One of the possible paths to take is exercise. What we are talking about are aerobic exercises. Not only can it distract you and make the cravings go away, it also does wanders for your lungs, which are already suffering. If you are thinking about it, now’s the time to start.


In the end, none of these could work without a pinch of good old willpower. “It’s impossible”, you say, “I don’t have willpower”. Sorry to break it to you, but yes, you do. And there are things you can do to improve it and its effects.

The first tool you can use is autosuggestion. It does sound old fashioned and repetitive, but if you don’t cheer for yourself, no one else will do it for you. Tell yourself you can do it every single day, and if you happen to fail, keep cheering.

Another failsafe is Nicotine Anonymous. People are embarrassed to fail in front of other people, so they try their best to leave a good impression. Don’t forget to talk to your friends and family. They can support you, as well as hold you accountable.

Last, but not least, are the books. The books about quitting smoking can guide you gently through the whole process. You will quit without even noticing, at least that’s what the testimonials say.

Why do people play golf and smoke cigars?

When one thinks of golf, the most common association is with the elite. In addition, cigars are also related with the elite. Hence, it is not difficult to connect these two things. But why do people play golf and smoke cigars?

Who indulges in the game and cigars?

Unlike most sports, that promises minute-by-minute action, golf is known to be a leisurely or man’s sport.

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Why do people play golf and smoke cigars? Players who do so are often wealthy and uses this sport to take to build connections and seal deals.

If you are part of such a circle, remember to carry a box that allows you to share your finest or cheapest smokes with your comrades. In addition, if you’ve mastered the art of cutting, lighting and smoking a cigar, you can share your wealth of knowledge with other players which could potentially lead to more game invites.

While most sports do not allow smoking, golf is the only sport that permits and accepts cigar smoking.

Why light up during a game?

So, why do people play golf and smoke cigars?

A lot of leisure players smoke to unwind and help them focus on the game. Since the game has no time limit, lighting up a cigar is seen as a norm.

What are the dos and donts?

While you are permitted to smoke on a golf course, always remember to ask before you light up. This is seen as basic golf etiquette towards both players and spectators. Preferably use a cigar match or a butane lighter to light a cigar, since lighters or matches affect both the odor and taste of the tobacco.

Storing your cigars correctly is important; ideally in a travel humidor in warm temperatures at humidity levels of not more than 80%. Leaving your cigars in a car is not be the best idea since the heat can dry a cigar out and kill its taste.

Lighter cigars are recommended during a long day of play. Heavier or spiced cigars may leave your companions and you feeling uncomfortable. Alternatively, pick a cigar you enjoy and one that lasts the duration of the game.

A key etiquette pointer is putting out your cigar. Since you’re playing a game outdoors and an ashtray may not be within reach, a cigar holder for your golf cart is always a good idea to store your lit or finished cigar.

Golf course groundskeepers appreciate cigar smokers over cigarette smokes simply because they are biodegradable, but do not drop or stomp your cigar on the greens or putting surfaces.

What do you focus on?

The game.

Why do people play golf and smoke cigars? Because smoking a cigar may be an image thing but the game is always key.

Do bugs eat cigars?

Cigar or tobacco beetles are a common nightmare for both cigar makers and smokers. Owing to their tiny size, these bugs are often difficult to spot and can ruin the most expensive or cheapest cigar. In the following article, we will better understand how you can protect your precious cigar collection and investigate an important question – do bugs eat cigars?

What is it?

Tobacco beetles, scientifically known as Lasioderma Serricorne, feed off tobacco and lay their eggs on tobacco leaves. So, do bugs eat cigars? Not quite, but they infest the leaves which are crucial to making the cigars, which in turn make their way to a cigar box. Although cigar manufacturers follow a treatment process to eliminate these tiny creatures, they can get away undetected.

How to spot them?

As soon as you receive a box of cigars at a store, examine your cigars thoroughly.

The first sign of infestation is spotting pin-sized holes on a cigar. On spotting this you may ask yourself – do bugs eat cigars? While cigars serve as the perfect breeding ground for these creatures, the holes are merely an indication of the movement of the bugs through a cigar.

The second examination is to check your humidor for small black colored droppings – beetle excrement. This can often be found inside the cigar as well. A method to look for any excrement inside a cigar is to tap your cigar over a sink. Any black droppings will confirm the presence of the same.

What can you do about it?

First, gather all cigars in a bag and place them in a freezer. Freezing cold temperatures are known to kill off all bugs and larvae.

Do bugs eat cigars in higher temperatures? No, they merely multiply in temperatures of approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cigars can be left in the freezer for an average of 4 days, after which they can be moved into a refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours. The cigars must be handled with care during this time as they break or peel easily.

Once the 24-hour duration is complete, the cigars can be taken out and left to warm up to room temperature for at least 4 to 6 hours. Do note, the more the cigars, the longer it will take for the cigars to warm up.

Once the cigars have warmed up, they can be returned to a humidor. However, ensure that the cigars are examined once again and the humidor is cleaned with a dry clean cloth prior to placing the cigars back.

Can you smoke your cigar with holes?

While the bugs may appear to have eaten into your cigar, you can attempt to smoke them. You will need to cover the holes with your fingers but be warned infested cigars often taste stale and lack any flavor. It may leave you feeling sick, and the room smelling foul. Thus, smoking such a cigar eaten is definitely not recommended.