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The History Of Cuban Cigars

Originally the tobacco plant was founded and grown in South America and it happened an estimated 4000 years ago. So no one really knows when it was brought to Cuba, but it was definitely done before the west arrived. It is believed that tobacco was used by ancient civilizations in South America and Cuba for big rituals.

When the Spanish captured most of Latin America they quickly learned of how useful tobacco was and as such started to import it to Europe. From Europe it quickly spread around the world through the Spanish Empire.

By the year 1717, King Philip started growing tobacco in Cuba for the Spanish empire and essentially it has been growing ever since then. Of course the empire was overthrown in 1817 and since then it has been controlled by the Cubans (and most notable of late was Fidel Castro).

Now before the Cuban revolution cigars in 1959 were famous all around the world. As it is believed the quality of soil is better than anywhere in the world. Cuban cigar plant growers have always taken pride in their work so it was a huge part of their economy. This obviously changed dramatically after the revolution.

Just after the revolution Fidel nationalized all industries and most of the best Cigar makers left the country. As of 1962 the USA put an embargo on Cuban cigars. Funny enough because of this embargo Cuban cigar became even more famous as humans always sort after things that are forbidden. Arguably this is how Cuban cigars become so famous as they are today.

Now as of today there is little issues with people getting Cuban cigars so this image of the best cigars in the world may change. However nationally Cuba is still known as one of the best cigar makers in the world and there is pretty much no corner of the world where they cannot be bought!

The Top 4 Best Cuban Cigar Brands

If you have ever had a cigar or even heard about cigars, chances are you already know of the famous cuban cigars. Worldwide they are known for their quality and mystery (coming from a communist country with a famous past). So in this post we are going to look at the top 4 Cuban cigars on the market likely sitting in a perfect humidor in your local bar!


If you’ve been in search of the perfect cigar with the right admiration and most effective acclaim then you at home with the Montecristo cigar. Being the best- selling cigar and scoring an achievement as the highest rated, it’s also highly admired and respected by its Cuban enthusiasts even in the United States. The cigar Aficionado magazine gave Montecristo cigar of the year with a 96 score, surely that’s a clear mark it has set as one of the greatest and best Cuban cigar brands ever.

Partagas Serie D No.4

True cigar enthusiasts acknowledge that the Partagas Serie D is a globally distinguished brand when it comes to cigars. The highest percentages of cigar lovers have it on their wish list as they fully comprehend its worth. These Cuban cigars are manufactured in such a manner that makes them reliable, full of flavour and impeccably assembled. This also happens to the Cuban cigar with a series that has so far receives all perfect reviews especially the Series D. The perfection in this cigar is clearly illustrated in the way it is constructed, the way it burns and appeal. Its positive reviews are much higher as compared to all the other best Cuban cigar brands.

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona

Despite the Churchill being recognized as the bench mark for the length of cigars in the United States the Double Corona is still considered the best Cuban cigar brand in Cuba. The Double Corona in America is currently considered more of a size that is lost. The cigar is of medium height as well as body and originated from Cuba many decades ago. The cigar is well known for its unique taste which consists of coffee, a dash of citrus and sweet spice. The cigar’s lengthy size makes it ideal for smoking during the evenings in spring.

The Bolivar Belicoso Fino

This brand of Cuban cigar is one that any enthusiastic cigar smoker cannot fail to know about. This Cuban cigar has the shape of a torpedo and is the most popularly smoked brand of Cuban cigars universally. The contents of the cigar are proportionally balanced despite them being considered the strongest brand of Cuban cigars in the market. Hints of leather, chocolate, nuts and earth can be effortlessly tasted and smelled. This Cuban cigar has been nominated as one of the year top twenty five ranked cigars for about four years. Anyone who has had a smoke of this cigar can agree with the review that it is one of the best Cuban cigar brands.