Useful websites to help with quitting smoking

As a result of the devastating statistics which show that around 700,000 people in the European Union die each year from smoking-related diseases, while millions suffer from cancer, blood vessels and respiratory system diseases, the Official Anti-Smoking Campaign was launched in 2011. A large number of comprehensive campaigns on this topic are being implemented globally.

As a part of this worldwide movement, a large number of websites for quitting smoking were launched. Online counselors, psychological help, guidelines, experiences of former smokers and tips on quitting smoking are just parts of the content these sites offer. Let’s take a look at the best websites to help with quitting smoking.


If you are coping with quitting smoking, definitely visit This webpage offers help for four main categories: those who want to quit, those living through their very first quit day, those who had recently quit smoking and those looking for advice on staying quit. This is great as all of these programs are personalized and you don’t have to lose time looking for the answers to the questions bothering you in the sea of general information on quitting. You can get the text–messages support, professional advice, useful apps, and even build your own smoking quit plan, making it one of the best websites to help with quitting smoking.

WhyQuit might be somewhat shocking when you visit it for the first time, as you will notice a section “We died young” with names and ages of smokers who, as the title implies, died young. However, this is a good way to make smokers understand the reasons for quitting. There are also “Why we died young”, “How Tobacco Destroys the Body” and other eye-opening sections worth reading.


As it was proven that people tend to stick to their diet plans, exercise regularly and quit smoking more easily in a group rather than alone, this is exactly what QuitNet philosophy is based on. You can join the smoking quit community, share experiences and tips and get motivated by other people’s success. QuitNet is definitely among the best websites to help with quitting smoking as it has a long tradition – over 20 years – and lots of success in helping people from around the world quit smoking.