What cigarettes do Americans smoke?

Today, it is a common belief in the United States that smoking does not represent such a big threat to public health anymore – it is forbidden to smoke in all indoor spaces, cigarette taxes are increased and tobacco is controlled by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. However, research and official reports for the past few years show that a certain plateau in fighting against smoking has been reached. Statisticians say that this is a rather normal occurrence as the percentage of smoking population has been decreasing for more than 40 years.

Different producers fight for the American market despite the negative trends and limitations when it comes to marketing and selling tobacco products. Let’s take a look at the statistics for the past year.

Marlboro, as expected

According to the official reports, Americans still love Marlboro the most. This absolute winner, ruler of the American cigarettes market leads with amazing 43 % market share. Versatility of their offer, innovations, taste, great advertising despite the marketing crackdown, tradition – these are only some of the reasons why Americans smoke these cigarettes the most. The tradition and well-established brand is perhaps the key which helps Marlboro remain No. 1 and beat smaller brands which are additionally limited by strict tobacco products advertising rules. Marlboro is also the world’s most valuable brand since several years.

Who are the runners-up?

Newport, Camel and Pall Mall Box brands rank #2, #3 and #4. Newport cigarettes have 13 % of the market share, Camel 8 % of the market, while Pall Mall Box follows it with 7% of the market share. Other brands chosen by Americans include Pyramid, Maverick, Santa Fe, Winston and Kool. It is interesting that Marlboro itself is chosen more often by Americans than all of the other 8 mentioned brands together.

What type of cigarettes do Americans smoke?

When it comes to specifications of the preferred cigarettes, Americans almost always choose filtered cigarettes. 99.9 % of all sales were actually filtered cigarettes. Mentholated ones, again with Marlboro as the leader, reached 27 % in 2017.

Americans choose Marlboro as their favorite No.1 brand. Other brands such as Newport and Camel are also very popular in the USA. Filtered cigarettes are almost always chosen by Americans, while the mentholated ones are gaining more and more popularity each day. It seems that Americans still can’t resist the delicious smooth taste of a Marlboro cigarette.