Which are the Best Scotch that Pairs well and Produces Maximum Enthusiasm with Cigars

There is no such feeling that is more breathe taking than taking scotch with a cigar. When the two are paired, you will never fail to attain the right level of enthusiasm you need for your day after work. Scotch whisky are said to have its origin from Scotland and in the ancient times, it was believed that taking a scotch without a cigar may not produce the right kind of enthusiasm because everything is regarded as incomplete. Therefore, there are a number of best scotch to have with cigars you need to have in mind if you are really looking for the right enthusiasm.

Here are the best scotch to have with cigars

San Cristobal and Talisker Storm. In this combination, the San Cristobal is basically the cigars and the Talisker Storm is one of the distilled scotch whiskey that is purely distilled with the aim of attaining the soft and pure touch and taste that people always look for in a whiskey. It is said to be a Viking maelstrom of spice and it goes well when accompanied by a smoke. On the other hand, this scotch augers well with the San Cristobal cigars. The cigars are known for having a full body made of the Nicaraguan puro. They have a pleasant smell which can confuse you with the taste of coffee and cherries. From a far, you can smell the flavor of wood and leather and this is why it goes well with scotch. With that, now you know the best scotch to take with the right cigars.

If you are not a fun of the later, then there is the Ashton VSG & Lagavulin 16 Year. It is distilled with the aim of attaining the right purity levels and it is distilled on the Islay. It has a flavor that tastes like that of a flavored butter and peat. On the other hand, the Ashton VSG cigars are the best in terms of flavor that goes hand in hand with Lagavulin. When these two are taken then you will discover that it is the best scotch to have with cigars.

There is also the Rocky Patel Decade and Dalmore 12 year. The scotch has a sweet taste that makes you feel like you are taking a white oak and this is why it goes well when paired with the Rocky Patel Decade. This is also the best scotch to take with cigars.