Why do people play golf and smoke cigars?

When one thinks of golf, the most common association is with the elite. In addition, cigars are also related with the elite. Hence, it is not difficult to connect these two things. But why do people play golf and smoke cigars?

Who indulges in the game and cigars?

Unlike most sports, that promises minute-by-minute action, golf is known to be a leisurely or man’s sport.

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Why do people play golf and smoke cigars? Players who do so are often wealthy and uses this sport to take to build connections and seal deals.

If you are part of such a circle, remember to carry a box that allows you to share your finest or cheapest smokes with your comrades. In addition, if you’ve mastered the art of cutting, lighting and smoking a cigar, you can share your wealth of knowledge with other players which could potentially lead to more game invites.

While most sports do not allow smoking, golf is the only sport that permits and accepts cigar smoking.

Why light up during a game?

So, why do people play golf and smoke cigars?

A lot of leisure players smoke to unwind and help them focus on the game. Since the game has no time limit, lighting up a cigar is seen as a norm.

What are the dos and donts?

While you are permitted to smoke on a golf course, always remember to ask before you light up. This is seen as basic golf etiquette towards both players and spectators. Preferably use a cigar match or a butane lighter to light a cigar, since lighters or matches affect both the odor and taste of the tobacco.

Storing your cigars correctly is important; ideally in a travel humidor in warm temperatures at humidity levels of not more than 80%. Leaving your cigars in a car is not be the best idea since the heat can dry a cigar out and kill its taste.

Lighter cigars are recommended during a long day of play. Heavier or spiced cigars may leave your companions and you feeling uncomfortable. Alternatively, pick a cigar you enjoy and one that lasts the duration of the game.

A key etiquette pointer is putting out your cigar. Since you’re playing a game outdoors and an ashtray may not be within reach, a cigar holder for your golf cart is always a good idea to store your lit or finished cigar.

Golf course groundskeepers appreciate cigar smokers over cigarette smokes simply because they are biodegradable, but do not drop or stomp your cigar on the greens or putting surfaces.

What do you focus on?

The game.

Why do people play golf and smoke cigars? Because smoking a cigar may be an image thing but the game is always key.